Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Taylor Marcus

Taylor Marcus

MBA 16

Global Product Lead, Video Ads

Adding Business to a Liberal Arts Background

Knowing first-hand just how fast technology changes, Taylor Marcus was hesitant to take time out for a full-time MBA program. Besides, she realized that a part-time program would allow her to use what she was learning on the job and to profit from all of the on-the-job insights her classmates bring to the classroom.

Haas gave me the tools to someday be the COO

The Berkeley Haas program was an easy choice. The faculty reputation was unmatched, the student body was amazingly diverse and smart, and the school was totally plugged into Silicon Valley.

The professors and graduate student instructors were incredibly accessible for questions. I spent a lot of time working on statistics and operations concepts with the GSI for my Operations class.

My professional goal was to take my career in business operations to the next level. I have a lot of good experience from my time at Google. Berkeley Haas gave me the tools to someday be the COO or executive of a company.

This was a return-on-investment that will last a lifetime

Coming from a liberal arts background, everything in the core curriculum was new to me. I learned a new vocabulary and new tools. I felt much more capable of solving a broader range of hard business problems after.

I saw a lot of change in how I work. I was able to contribute at a higher level. I could dig into a long-term strategy and understand it better. I knew what a viable business plan looked like. This was just the start of a return-on-investment that would last a lifetime.

Everyone lived all four of the Defining Leadership Principles every day

My classmates were sharp, motivated, considerate, well-rounded, and diverse. Everyone was so excited and happy to be here. And everyone lived all four of the Defining Leadership Principles every day.

My classmates’ willingness to help when we studied for exams was amazing. It went beyond sharing notes; we’ve spent hours reviewing concepts until we were sure everyone was up to speed. That was going Beyond Yourself.

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