Diversity and Inclusion

The Haas School of Business has an unequivocal commitment to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion as defined by the University of California Office of the President and UC Berkeley’s Office of Equity & Inclusion.

We believe that diversity includes supporting and respecting the experiences, values, and worldviews that arise from differences in culture and circumstance. These differences include race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, language, abilities/disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, political diversity, socioeconomic status and geographic region, and more.

Berkeley Haas is committed to recruiting the most diverse students, faculty, and staff; this enhances our mission, community, and academic excellence. We seek to provide an inclusive environment where all are treated fairly and have equal access to opportunities. This commitment lies at the heart of our mission as part of a public university.

Staff, faculty, and students work together to ensure that Berkeley Haas is a welcoming environment for everyone.

Differences as a Source of Strength

No one has a lock on good ideas, which means diversity in MBA programs, including part-time MBA programs, is a source of strength, innovation, and creativity, as well as an opportunity for growth. We believe that welcoming difference is central to inclusion.

Your classmates represent a diversity of work experience, from marketing to finance to engineering. You will learn from the expertise they have honed with large companies and startups, for-profit, nonprofit, and public sector employers. Your classmates bring their own voice to discussions and their own perspectives to problem-solving. They also hail from countries all over the world and speak a multitude of languages. 


To support our efforts to assemble a diverse student body and provide the best learning experience for our students, we offer these scholarships:

  • Diversity Scholarship: Awarded to first-year students only. 
  • The Non-Profit/Public Service Scholarship: Designed to facilitates access to the Berkeley MBA for students whose current employment is in the non-profit or public service sectors.

Diversity Symposium

Our annual Diversity Symposium, held each fall, welcomes prospective students to meet student and alumni members of our affinity groups, and to take part in workshops organized by our Admissions, Financial Aid, and Career Management teams. 

Learn more about the Diversity Symposium.

Amelia Kusar

Amelia Kusar

MBA 18

Associate Director of Marketing (Previously)
San Francisco Symphony

“Our classrooms are not echo chambers. You hear a different point of view from almost everyone, and everyone’s opinion is listened to with respect.”