Life + Work + MBA

You have a lot of demands on your time and attention. Our part-time MBA program is designed to give you the support you need to manage today’s demands and achieve your career aspirations in the future.  

The Evening & Weekend MBA Program is designed to be completed in 3 years, giving you time off in the summer, but can be done in 2.5 years, as your schedule (and stamina) allow.  

Program staff sweat the small stuff, from arranging meals on Saturdays to scheduling evening shuttles so you can polish your presentation on the way to class. Your classmates are in the same situation as you; they become solution sharers and a supportive sounding board. 

As an added benefit, you become a master of time management, gaining early return on investment as you apply newly honed skills and knowledge on the job—and  in other areas of your life.

Bringing It All Together

Life Balance

There is a mindset to achieving both balance and integration, setting priorities and keeping them in perspective. Learn about how you can adapt and achieve the career growth you seek.

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Evening & Weekend MBA students are living proof that productive commuting is not an oxymoron. They’ve come up with ways to multitask safely and efficiently while getting to and from class.

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Moving to the Bay Area

It’s not surprising that a number of students who commute from outside the Bay Area end up living in the Bay Area. Opportunity. Beauty. Innovation. Growth. Which might fuel your move?

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Swetha Tuppley

Swetha Tupelly

MBA 16

Senior Product Manager
Le Tote

“There’s never a time you’re not multitasking, but what keeps you going are all the fascinating things you’re learning and the interesting colleagues you’re working with.”