Relocating to the Bay Area

Even if you begin the program as a long-distance commuter, you may find yourself choosing to relocate to the Bay Area. Indeed, the potential to leverage a Berkeley MBA into a career move to the Bay Area, whether with a current employer or through a new position, is an objective many students share. They recognize the advantages the region offers them, as well as their partners and families.

Working in the Bay Area

Consider this:

  • If the Bay Area were a nation, it would be the world’s 19th largest economy.
  • Our unemployment rate is just over 2%—close to half the national rate.
  • Private sector salaries are the highest in the nation.
  • In the tech sector, Bay Area salaries are 11% to 16% higher than elsewhere in the U.S.

From tech titans and startups to innovators in the financial, healthcare, consumer goods, and energy sectors, the Bay Area offers a wealth of career opportunities. For example, thirteen of the top 20 firms on LinkedIn’s 2018 list of Top Companies Where the U.S. Wants to Work are headquartered here or have a Bay Area presence. 

Living in the Bay Area

From cosmopolitan city life to family-friendly towns, you’ll find a community to suit you.

Behind the postcard views, the Bay Area is a vibrant, creative, energetic place to live. You can take in world-class theatre and museums, or take a hike along the beach or in the East Bay hills. Restaurants abound, as do opportunities to explore wineries, breweries, and even cideries. And within a day’s drive you can be in Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, or the Monterey Peninsula.


Jack Song

MBA 16

Head of Global Communications-Marketing, BD, and International Expansion
San Mateo, California, USA

“It’s been my dream to start my own business. Being steeped in the entrepreneurial spirit of the San Francisco Bay Area, having access to classes on the subject, and to resources at the Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship Program gave me the confidence to think that dream is achievable.”