Global Focus

Build Global Business Acumen

The world has never been smaller: Global supply chains and trade bring us closer together. The world has never been larger: New markets and borderless communities are reshaping business.

The Berkeley MBA opens the world to students through classroom experiences and on the ground in countries near and far. We expand your worldview and your awareness of who you are and what you have to contribute to the world.

Evening & Weekend MBA Global Learning Opportunities

Seminars in International Business (SIB)

Each SIB course looks at a country through the lenses of local culture, history, and the business environment. SIB widens your understanding and perspective on how business is conducted in a particular region of the world, most recently South Africa, China, and Brazil. SIB encompasses classroom sessions, followed by one week spent in-country during the summer or over spring break.

Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM)

GNAM leverages resources from 30 leading global business schools, bringing students together to explore how business is done in countries at every stage of their development. You can participate through Small Network Online classes or participate in a Global Network Week at a member school.

Design Sprint for Corporate Innovation

In this course, students address a real-world business issue using their knowledge and skills in design thinking, innovation strategy, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Design Sprint combines  classroom work in Berkeley with one week at the THNK School of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam, as well as in-person meetings with the client.

International Exchange

When you have completed your core courses, you are eligible to participate in the international exchange program. You will earn 10 credits at one of our partner schools in Spain, France, Hong Kong, or the Netherlands.

Sustainable Capitalism in the Nordics

The immersion experience combines class sessions held at the Copenhagen Business School and with site visits all around Copenhagen and the nearby areas. In doing so, this course explores the concept of capitalism and its relationship with sustainability and democracy by considering “American shareholder capitalism” vis-à-vis “Nordic stakeholder capitalism.”
Shilpa Nagaraja

Shilpa Nagaraja

MBA 16

Senior Director of Bing Sales, West Region

“I looked forward to the Seminar in International Business. We traveled to Shanghai and Beijing to meet with the leaders of several companies. Being in a place and meeting face-to-face gives you a first-hand experience that no textbook can ever equal.”