Life Balance

Credit and debit. Profit and loss. When you pursue a Berkeley MBA, assessing what you give up compared to what you stand to gain is more qualitative than quantitative. And short-term pain (30 to 36 months) is balanced out by long-term (and often, more immediate) gain. 

In the short-term, you’ll be in class two nights a week, or all day on Saturdays. Homework and class projects typically represent an investment of 16 hours per week. You’ll also want to factor in the time spent commuting.

Here are some ways to integrate your MBA studies into the rest of your life: 

  • Take your learning to work for real-time, hands-on practice.
  • Bring your work to class, where you can share your experiences and challenges.
  • Study with your kids, setting a Students Always example they'll always remember.
  • Make your family and partner part of your experience through Partners Club and other community events.
  • Build relationships that transform classmates into friends.