The Evening & Weekend Program offers MBA scholarships to entering students in the form of both need- and merit-based awards. 

Applicants may need to submit additional information to be considered for certain scholarships or fellowships. Funding will be awarded to students at the time of admission based on the strength of the student's application. 

Additional merit awards are also available for continuing students for subsequent years of study.

Below are examples of just some of the scholarships offered to students in recent academic years.

Shapansky Grant

Provided by the generosity of Juanita Shapansky in honor of her son Ronald Shapansky, MBA 86, this grant is awarded based on financial need and will be disbursed equally across the six terms of the Evening & Weekend MBA program.

Dean's Scholarships  

Dean’s scholarships are awarded to students based on demonstrated leadership and the overall strength of the admissions application. Applicants indicate on their application if they want to be considered for this scholarship. 

Diversity Scholarships  

Diversity scholarships are awarded to entering students who have a proven commitment to promoting diversity. Applicants will need to submit additional information to be considered. 

Nonprofit/Public Service Scholarships

This renewable award is available for students currently employed in the nonprofit or public service sectors. Applicants will need to submit additional information to be considered.

Outside-of-Bay-Area Grants

This award for entering students is to mitigate expenses incurred by commuting from outside the nine-county Bay Area.

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