Alumni Network

45,000 Strong and Growing

It’s good to be part of a crowd when the other members are corporate leaders, entrepreneurs on the cutting edge, and innovators in social impact.

Our 45,000 alumni—more than 17,000 in the Bay Area alone—are one of the most long-lasting benefits of being a member of a global MBA alumni network. Plus, as a Berkeley MBA, you are also a UC Berkeley alum, with access to the engineering, scientific, and legal minds of that network (nearly 500,000 strong).

As your career unfolds, you will find strong alumni presence at firms from Apple and Amazon to Google, McKinsey, and Salesforce. At these firms and many others, Berkeley Haas graduates work in business development, consulting, finance, strategy, operations, product management, and marketing—with a Beyond Yourself eagerness to share advice and insights, contacts and connections.