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VPs of Admissions

The VPs of Admissions are the student arm of the Haas Evening and Weekend MBA admissions office.  As current students, we’re excited to help you get to know the distinctive Haas culture and to share our perspectives about the student experience. View our profiles below.

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Mackellar “Mackey" Violich

  • Class of 2024
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Function: Management and Sustainability

Mackey works for her family's almond and walnut farm as the sustainability manager. She looks into new technology to make the farm more environmentally sustainable. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in Conservation Resources Studies and Environmental Economics. She spent 5 years in the Bahamas teaching and collecting data for her Master’s of Science in Oceanography from Florida State University. She is excited to learn more about business and sustainability from Haas to apply to her family farming practices.

Danqing Zhou

  • Class of 2023
  • Industry: EdTech
  • Function: Entrepreneurship/Founder

I came from the tech industry and worked as a solutions architect at software company SAP for 11 years, pivoting to startup after studying at Haas. Studying abroad changed my life. Studied in Australia during the summer before my high school senior year, and as a graduate student at the University of Arkansas, I was exposed to different cultures, opinions, and critical thinking courses—something that I had never experienced before in China. Publicly out as LGBTQ at my Haas leadership communication class and accepting my difference, the Berkeley experience made me feel like a newborn. I hope to create transparency around the admissions process and empower more students to study internationally and make quality higher education to the world at an affordable price. As VP of admission, I enjoy sharing how Haas helped my growth, overcame my challenges, and motivated me to be a better person.

Adilene Dominguez

  • Class of 2024
  • Industry: Medical Devices
  • Function: Global Marketing

I am a first-generation Mexican American student and am a strong believer that healthcare is a human right. I kick-started my career in R&D with the goal of developing life saving treatments. My career took a turn into Marketing when I realized that not all communities had access to healthcare, including my own community. I came to Haas with the dream of flipping the healthcare funnel, where the most vulnerable patients are prioritized. Haas has allowed me to dream of the impossible and to find a pathway to my future career.

Rosa Hilmarsdottir Cucicea

  • Class of 2023
  • Industry: Banking
  • Function: Clean Energy Finance

I'm originally from Iceland, but California is my home now. I've been in banking my entire professional career and found a passion in clean energy financing. That passion led me to my current position as Director of a Clean Energy Division at a local California bank. I aspire to continue my growth (Student Always!) and the perfect next step for me was to pursue my dream of obtaining an MBA, but I was not willing to give up my career. I chose Haas because the part-time MBA program offers the same curriculum and faculty as the full-time program. I was also impressed with the vast resources and opportunities that Haas offers within the sustainability sector. I decided to apply for the VP of Admissions position because I was so impressed with the admissions staff and student volunteers while I was exploring Haas back in 2019. I went to a lot of in person events and instantly connected with staff and students who encouraged me to apply when I had doubts about my qualifications. Now, as VP of Admissions, my goal is to give back and encourage others (Beyond Yourself!) through their Haas admissions journey.