Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Ijeh Ogbechi

Ijeh Ogbechi

MBA 18

Investment Associate
Wetherby Asset Management

The Best Program for Social Impact

Having a positive impact on the world is important to Ijeh Ogbechie, whether he is mentoring boys through the My Brother’s Keeper program or studying for his MBA. Berkeley Haas, he says is the “best program for social impact,” in the classes he is taking, the tools he is learning, and the connections he is making.

Berkeley Haas was hands-down the best school in the social impact sector

There weree so many unsuspecting geniuses among my classmates. They all brought such diverse, real-life expertise to our classroom discussions. My classmates were the coolest, brightest, best people.

I loved being on the Selection Committee for the Venture Capital Investment Competition. I got to see some terrific ideas and gained insights into the entrepreneurial community here at Berkeley Haas, from the SkyDeck incubator to the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship.

I wanted to focus my career toward a position where I could have a greater positive social impact on my community. Berkeley Haas was hands-down the best school in that sector. It not only offered great classes on the topic, I formed networks with companies and individuals who were committed to social impact.

Each class shored up my fundamental understandings of essential subjects

I ended up doing well in my Finance class, but it was thorough and rigorous.  It was a real learning opportunity that filled in holes in my understanding and gave me new tools.

Micro-and Macroeconomics, Finance, and Statistics were all rigorous. Each class shored up my fundamental understanding of this essential subjects.

Leadership Communication was both a lot more fun and a lot more challenging than I expected. We learned how to look at our personal and professional interactions from a 50,00-foot level instead of getting caught up in the details.

The Lego exercise in Leadership Communications was particularly useful in bringing home the importance of delegation and the value of clear communication, especially when you’re working with people for the first time.

I built valuable relationships with professors and classmates

A great network was one of the most important resources you could have. I built valuable relationships with professors who encouragde us to pick their brains and classmates who were connected across so many different sectors.

I was blessed in the opportunities given to me in life, starting with my parents who emigrated from Nigeria and imposed on all of their children the value of education. Being a Student Always was a responsibility I felt very strongly and it was part of the Berkeley Haas culture that spoke to me.

Being a good dad and husband is my top priority. My wife and I tried to stick to a date night once a week, largely made possible by my mother-in-law. Never underestimate the power of your in-laws!

Getting your MBA is totally possible. Yes, you need to manage your time—I am 10 times better at working my calendar now—but you can do it.

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