Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Arvind Ravishunkar 

Arvind Ravishunkar 

MBA 16

CEO and Founder
Lenz Business Consulting

A Community with Purpose, Intelligence, and Drive

From starting his own award winning hip-hop dance troupe in college to being the youngest corporate strategy manager at Fairchild, Arvind Ravishunkar has always pushed the envelope. He says, “Berkeley’s Defining Leadership Principle of Questioning the Status Quo resonates strongly with me. At Berkeley, we challenge the norm and don’t take anything for granted. That is why I joined the Berkeley MBA.”

Everyone here has purpose, intelligence, and drive

“Haas fits me like a glove. Everyone here has purpose, intelligence, and drive. They share the dream of having a positive impact on the world. I thrive on that energy. ”“In a larger sense, I want my life and my career to have a positive impact on the world around me. I want to play a part in advancing technology that makes life better for people. That’s why the Beyond Yourself Defining Leadership Principle at Berkeley Haas appeals to me.”

“I relate to all four of the Defining Leadership Principles and appreciate that they are more than slogans printed on posters. At Berkeley Haas, the Defining Leadership Principles are the DNA of the school. You see them everywhere, from the admissions interviews to the way the professors conduct their classes and how the students interact.”

A part-time MBA program is perfect for me

“While I don’t believe there is a perfect balance among work, school, and personal life, the important thing is not to let any one of them drop. I tried to deliver on all three, without disappointing anyone, including myself.”

“A part-time MBA program was perfect for me. Being in a part-time program allowed me to bridge the gap between the academic world and the real world by applying and adapting what I learned in the classroom to the workplace. That was what made the lessons real for me. It’s how I learn best.”

“Being an innovative leader is closely allied with Questioning the Status Quo. Science and technology will not advance if learning is static. On the other hand, you can’t question everything or you would never get anywhere. Innovative leaders find that fine line between knowing what to accept and what to question.”

I'm struck by how accomplished the faculty are

“The common denominators among the faculty are a high level of professional accomplishment, an active intelligence, and broad intellectual curiosity. I’m struck by how accomplished the faculty are. ”

“I enjoyed being in the Venture Capital Investment Competition, on a team with students from Berkeley Law, the School of Engineering, and Haas. It was a great opportunity to blend our skills and knowledge as we evaluated two startups. And I’m happy that we made it to the semifinals.”

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