Part-time MBA Overview

Structured for Your Success

From the foundational to the inspirational, the Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program is designed for the working professional you are today, and the leader you want to become.

Why Choose a Part-time MBA? 


Schedule Options

You have a job. You have career aspirations. Our Evening & Weekend MBA Program positions you to excel in both arenas by making it possible to earn your MBA while you continue to grow at work; you can choose from three schedule options: on campus during evenings or weekends – or our new flexible online option.

All entering students start the program together in late July or early August, when the entire class convenes for the required WE Launch orientation weekend. A glance at the annual academic calendar shows you how you can fit work and study together.


Choose your course schedule to strike a balance between your current career responsibilities and your career aspirations. While designed to be completed in 3 years, you can earn your MBA in 2.5 years, or up to 5 years, if you need more time. You also are able to switch between evening and weekend after completing your third semester to take electives in another schedule option. Our program office team works with you to design the course of study that works best for you.

A Learning Community

From orientation to graduation, your class forges its own identity. In your first year you are part of a cohort of approximately 70 students. In addition to taking core courses together, your cohort connects you with others and with the program office, student government, and faculty.

Because Berkeley Haas faculty emphasize teamwork and collaboration, you are part of a study team of five or so students. Each team is selected to include diverse professional experiences to ensure you learn from and with people with different perspectives and skills. 

You also can lean into the benefits of being on the Haas and UC Berkeley campus: speaker series, research centers, extracurricular activities, athletic events, and more. 

Student Stories: Leveraging the Value of a Diverse Community 


Arvind Ravishunkar

Arvind Ravishunkar

MBA 16

Director, Digital and IoT Strategy
Radius Innovation & Development

“A part-time MBA program was perfect for me. It allowed me to bridge the gap between the academic world and the real world by applying and adapting what I learned in the classroom to the workplace. That was what made the lessons real for me, and it’s how I learn best.”