Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Zeeshan Mokarim

Zeeshan Mokarim

MBA 17

Supply Chain Lead

Strategic Supply Chain Management

2017 graduate Zeeshan Mokarim says he “stumbled” into supply chain management largely because he listened and asked questions. He is still asking questions, but now on a more strategic level.

I got my MBA to expand my knowledge of business fundamentals

I learned supply chain management on the job and through a number of certificate programs. I guess that made me a Student Always. It certainly was why I got my MBA—to expand my knowledge of business fundamentals beyond what I could learn on the job.

When you send a LinkedIn request to a Haas alum, you get an immediate response. Graduates were also generous with their time. I went for coffee with several when I was considering applying. Their willingness to talk with me told me a lot about how they valued the program.

You become better when you are surrounded by smart people, and that is who surrounds you here at Berkeley Haas. You can’t go in with a hot-shot attitude, because everyone is a hot-shot and no one acts like it. That is Confidence Without Attitude.

Being on campus was incredibly important and energizing

Our Pricing class used a lot of quantitative analysis, but Professor Wasim Azhar sprinkled in a lot of anecdotes from his personal experiences. That grounded the discussions in the real world and kept things lively. Thanks to him, I realized that the best pricing approach is to reach a conclusion that both parties are happy with.

Being on campus was incredibly important and energizing. That is something not all part-time MBA programs offer.

The professors worked as advisors and consultants to companies all over the Bay Area, especially in Silicon Valley. That meant they bring a real-world perspective, and great networks, to the classroom.

The flexibility of the EWMBA program made it easier to be a good dad and husband

My wife and children were ecstatic when I took two evening classes in the Fall semester because that meant I was home again on Saturdays. The flexibility of the Berkeley Haas Evening & Weekend MBA program made it a bit easier to be a good student and a good dad and a good husband.

Being a Student Always included setting a good example for my children when they saw me doing my homework while they were doing theirs. Knowledge is one of the few things in life that gives you more the more you share it with others.

The best leaders lead by example. You need to know and understand your passion. For example, I was committed to bringing business back to the U.S. When I talked with suppliers, that is always part of the conversation. You need to be the change you want to see.

Being back in school put extra pressure on my wife who took on a much larger role in the day-to-day activities of our family. Having a supportive spouse was a huge factor in our success. Although I was the one enrolled in the Evening & Weekend MBA program, the Program Office and my classmates made sure that the whole family was part of the experience organizing events that include them.

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