Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Shilpa Nagaraja

Shilpa Nagaraja

MBA 16

Senior Director of Bing Sales, West Region

Becoming a Better People Manager

The very experience of being at Berkeley Haas and expanding her skills, knowledge, and business intuition is sufficient return-on-investment for Shilpa Nagaraja. She is learning to recognize and realize her own potential.

I was better at understanding what motivated people

To me, being an innovative leader was having as broad a perspective as possible and making decisions using that broad base of knowledge, rather than being limited to what has worked in the past.

I loved managing people and had gotten better now that I had taken classes like Leading People. I was better at understanding what motivated people and how to recognize the best way to reach out and help them develop.

Gave you first-hand experience that no textbook can ever equal

I was looking forward to my applied innovation class, the Seminar in International Business. We traveled to Shanghai and Beijing to meet with the leaders of several companies. Being in a place and meeting face-to-face gives you a first-hand experience that no textbook can ever equal.”

I’m from an immigrant family and the Defining Leadership Principles resonated with me as similar to what we believe in as a family. Students Always in particular, made me think of my father, who has always inspired me to better myself.

We all went Beyond Ourselves

In our Strategy class, we had a group project that involved determining a market entry strategy, everything from pricing to production quantities. The members of my team all brought a collaborative, open-minded spirit to the work. We all went Beyond Ourselves.

The shuttle bus was wonderful. Sometimes, it felt like an extension of the classroom. We continued discussions or we used the Wi-Fi to get a start on assignments.

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