Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Nick Clark

Nick Clark

MBA 22

Manager, Sales Operations & Enablement

“Leadership in the military often defaults to positional authority. The kind of leadership I’m learning at Haas is much more fluid and energizing.”

Scaling learning curves on the job and in the classroom

The part-time program is perfect for me. I’m excited at being involved in the go-to-market phase of Velo3D’s development. I want to experience that real-world learning curve along with the academic learning I get at Haas.

When I work on contracts and deals, lessons from accounting and finance classes help me negotiate payment terms that benefit our customers and Velo3D.

Making the move into sales operations and being in the MBA program at the same time is super rewarding.

Finding your North Star is priceless

When our Chief Commercial Officer announced a restructuring in 2019, I arranged a one-on-one with him to talk about how I might help. His first question for me was about my experience in the Haas MBA program. I think that set me apart and gave him the confidence to offer me a new position.

Long-term, the return on investment I’m looking for is lasting connections with classmates and a strong network.

The real ROI is finding the right path for you. Finding your ‘North Star’ is priceless.

Challenging coursework, collaborative classmates

You can’t just walk in and ace classes here. You can count on 10 to 20 hours of work in addition to class time weekly. But you can count on having classmates to lean on, and who will lean in to challenge each other.

The Program Office purposefully creates diverse study teams, reflecting different styles, experiences, and expertise. Those differences bring in new perspectives.

My classmates are phenomenal, high-performing, successful individuals. I love getting their perspectives on their industry, what works and doesn’t.

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