Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Jack Song

Jack Song

MBA 16

Head of Communications and Marketing

Contagious Enthusiasm for Innovation

The abundant resources offered by Berkeley Haas—the Haas Alumni Network, the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship, student clubs, the Career Management Group—all play a role in helping Jack Song pivot his career from the public sector to the private, from communications to marketing.

Haas gave me the confidence to think my dream is achievable

There was a contagious enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship at Berkeley Haas.

It was my dream to start my own business. Being steeped in the entrepreneurial spirit of the San Francisco Bay Area, having access to classes on the subject and to resources at the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship gave me the confidence to think my dream is achievable.

Beyond Yourself helped me focus on understanding how I could have the greatest impact on society, and how I could change people for the better through the work I do. How could I help make sure that every voice is heard and that everyone contributes to making the world a better place?

Berkeley Haas was looking for leaders who will change the world

The first year was a challenging, rewarding boot camp. Everyone in my cohort grew and deepened their knowledge, no matter what their previous experience might have been.

Berkeley Haas was looking for leaders who would change the world. There were many leaders among my classmates. No one was afraid to take the initiative and a snowball effect usually followed as more people got on board with the idea.

Your family just got bigger when you come to Berkeley Haas. I knew my classmates’ spouses, partners, and kids. It went far beyond networking; it was building lifelong friendships.

He pushed us to think outside the box

The faculty were so passionate about their subject. They did more than teach; they connected us with their networks, gave advice, and encouraged us to think big. They went Beyond Themselves.

In my first class session, Microeconomics with Professor Greg La Blanc, I felt like a tidal wave had washed over me. He was so engaging and challenging. That was a class where you couldn't just show up and skate through. He pushed us to think outside of the box.

Getting involved with the Marketing Club really opened my eyes and changed my preconceptions about the consumer-product-goods industry. It was so much more than just advertising. I enjoyed getting to the know all of its facets through speakers and on Career Treks to companies like Clif Bar, Clorox, and Levis Strauss & Co.

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