Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Corey Weathers

Corey Weathers

MBA 17

Developer Evangelist

Striking up Conversations, Opening Doors

When Corey Weathers told people that he and his wife—a Stanford PhD candidate—were expecting their first child during his first year as an MBA student, people told him he was crazy. His classmates, however, assured him that it could be done, and pointed him to the resources offered by the Program Office. Kendall was born in January 2015, and her two studious parents are learning just how much they can juggle.

The most important ROI is the lifelong friendships with classmates and others

“My classmates are a fun and eclectic bunch. We all bring our own perspectives to any discussion, and they bring the best out in me.”

“A group of us who live in the South Bay get together informally for drinks or dinner. It’s great to see each other off campus, to include our spouses and families. It also gives me an opportunity to cook for them—something I really enjoy.”

“The most important return on investment I could get from being in this program is lifelong friendships with classmates and others at Berkeley Haas.  Next would be putting myself in a position to apply all the meaningful lessons I’m learning here.”

“All sorts of doors opened as soon as I struck up conversations at my first Haas Alumni Network event. People not only talked to me about their careers, they connected me with their networks. You can’t quite believe the power of the Haas Alumni Network until you experience it.”

There is a real curiosity and humility among the faculty

“Professor Mark Rittenberg, who taught Leadership Communications, told us, ‘the soft skills classes require hard work.’ He was right. That class pushed me to examine who I am as an individual and as a leader. There were times I was moved to tears by what we all uncovered in ourselves.”

“In Leading People we discussed what inclusion does and could look like in corporations—a topic that could have been uncomfortable. The professor, however, created a learning environment that was respectful and open-minded. At that moment, I knew that Berkeley Haas was the right place for me.”

“I use the skills learned in Leadership Communications to check myself when I’m giving presentations at work: Am I showing up as my authentic self, or am I performing? Am I using my stories? How am I influencing? My presentations are better; they are more directed and my audiences are more engaged.”

“There is a real curiosity and humility among the faculty. They are genuinely interested in hearing the students’ perspectives and value the experience we bring to the classroom discussions.”

“As my thinking about advancing my career has changed to encompass switching into a more entrepreneurial role, the Career Management Group has been really helpful. I’m learning to recognize how I show up through my résumé and in interview, and whether that syncs with what I’m seeking."

You will experience the best the Evening & Weekend MBA Program has to offer

“When I started in tech, I was sure that I would happily spend my entire career as a developer. That lasted about five years. While I still love the tech world, I’m ready for new kinds of excitement in my career. An MBA from Berkeley Haas is helping me uncover and rediscover what really motivates me in my career.”

“I cast a wide net when I researched MBA programs, but kept coming back to Berkeley Haas. I loved the way people talked about the Defining Leadership Principles with such conviction. They really do define the culture here.”

“My mere presence in the tech sector is a way of Questioning the Status Quo. I’m often the sole African-American man in meetings. I appreciate the opportunity to represent, to demonstrate the value I can add through asking pertinent questions and providing relevant answers.“

"I think we’re Students Always by nature. Right now, I’m learning a ton by just watching my six-month-old daughter. She is teaching me so much about new ways of looking at the world, about the importance of being physically present, and about being a parent.”

“There’s no denying it: the first year is hard. The best way to approach it is to make a positive choice to go all in. If you make the active choice to speak up in class to participate fully in group work, to give every assignment your all—you will experience the best the Evening & Weekend MBA Program has to offer.” 

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