Collaborative Culture

Students share the collaborative culture of Flex

The part-time MBA program at Berkeley Haas is ranked #1 by the U.S. News and World Report for a reason. Our students benefit from the academic rigor, renowned faculty, and high achieving community that are part of all Berkeley MBA programs.

In this video, members of the inaugural Flex cohort share how they've found a diverse and supportive community that fosters a safe space for open dialogue, meaningful connections, and collaborative learning at Berkeley Haas.



Aidan Steele:
Having spent eighteen years in the Marine Corps, I was very nervous about not having the language and not having the professional context to be in the business school environment, and, universally, people were accepting.

Nour Abi Samra:
It makes it feel like a safe space where you can give your thoughts, and be accepted, not feel judged.

Amanda Sultan:
Everyone comes into this program being really, really open, and you feel like you have an instant family.

Emily Harmon:
It's like getting exposure to all these different industries and backgrounds and majors and hobbies and passions all at once.

Alecia Wall:
Oftentimes the concern is will I be able to get to know my cohort? Will I be able to network? Will I be able to be in person enough to really feel like I'm part of the overall student body, the overall university?

And with Flex, I've been so pleased that, I can say yes to all of those things. People really put in three hundred percent to make sure that we take advantage of the time together. And every time that we've had the chance to come onto campus, the faculty that are around, you know, always show up, say hi, and are eager to get to know us in person.

Lisa Dalgliesh:
We have professors who will stay after class for half an hour to hold open Q&A.

We've had professors schedule small group, little meetups, virtual meetups so that they can get to know other people in the class. Anytime that we're here on campus, we have professors who join dinners with us.

I've never been surrounded by so many classmates and faculty who truly care about each other's success. It's a very collaborative, very supportive environment.

People are always thinking beyond themselves to how can we impact our community? How can we have a positive impact on the world through business?

It has broadened my scope and perspective in ways that I didn't expect.

The examples and the learnings that I hear in class give me an international perspective. Beyond just hearing about people's different experiences at different companies or even in different industries, you're hearing about what they're seeing in the world around them that I would otherwise really never have a view into.

It's about, yes, growing in yourself and in your life, but doing it in such a positive way that you're helping those around you as well. So if you see yourself as someone who wants to learn more about business, but also have a positive impact in your community, Haas is a hundred percent the place to go.