Class Profile

We evaluate each application holistically, wanting to know as much about your motivations and goals as we do about your professional and academic achievements. We strive to build a class of students distinguished by their self-awareness and their inclusive, collaborative approaches, as well as diverse in industries, aspirations, and backgrounds.

We also know that when choosing an MBA program, it can help to get a feel for the current class—everything from average GMAT scores to current industries; here is a look at the Berkeley part-time MBA class profile for the most recent entering class.

Entering Class Fall 2021

Class Size 283 students

Median Age 31

Middle 80% range of age 27 to 37

40% Women

8% Underrepresented Minorities

19 Countries Represented

26% Outside of Bay Area

74% San Francisco Bay Area

3.4 Median Undergraduate GPA

2.9-3.8 Middle 80% Range Undergraduate GPA

710 Median GMAT

660-740 Middle 80% GMAT Range

108 Median TOEFL

10o-116 Middle 80% TOEFL Range


30% Master's 

64% Bachelor's Only

5% PhD

1% Other Professional Degree

7 Median Years of Post-University Work Experience

5-12 Middle 80% Range of Years of Work Experience

212 Companies Represented

Top Industries

High Technology/Electronics 27%

Health and Biotechnology 8%

Consulting 8%

Computer-Related Services 8%

Consumer Products 7%

Banking and Finance 7%

Energy 4%

Retail 3%

Real Estate 2%

Education 2%

Top Job Functions

Engineering 17%

Marketing/Sales 17%

General Management 13%

Planning/Corporate Strategy 8%

Research/Development 7%

Consulting/Management Services 7%

Finance 7%

Operations 6%

Project Management 6%

Personnel/Industrial Relations 3%