Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program

Degree Requirements

The Berkeley MBA degree is awarded to Evening & Weekend students who have maintained a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (B) and completed:

  • WE Launch (new student orientation, required)
  • WE Innovate (mid-program academic retreat (required)
  • Required core courses (23 units)*
  • Elective courses (19 units)
  • A minimum of 42 semester units of coursework

The program is designed to be completed in six semesters (or about three years). You may complete the program in as few as five semesters or extend your program beyond six semesters, with approval from the program office.

Students typically enroll in two courses each semester. (During the first three semesters, students are enrolled in two sets of half-semester courses each term.)

*The number of required core courses or units is subject to change.