Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Vivek Subramamian

Vivek Subramamian

MBA 12

Vice President of Product and Engineering
Sonder, Inc.

Honing Entrepreneurial Skills

The new Venture Finance class introduced Vivek Subramanian to the concept of unit economics—a concept he used to good advantage in preparing to launch CalmSea, a big-data marketing analytics firm. “We came away with a much more solid business model and more confidence in our ability to present a winning case to investors,” he said.

It helped me find and fix my weaknesses

“The Berkeley MBA curriculum is fantastic for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, and the proximity to Silicon Valley means we benefit from guest speakers who are living what we are learning about in class.”

“Sitting on the other side of the table in the Venture Capital Investment Competition gave me a great opportunity to see things from the perspective of a venture capitalist deciding where to invest. It really helped me find and fix the weaknesses in my own pitch for funding.”

Thanks to Berkeley Haas, my decisions are informed decisions

“I have learned that culture doesn’t just happen at a company. You build culture, one hire and one decision at a time. Thanks to Berkeley Haas, my decisions are informed decisions.”

“The Haas Venture Fellows is another way the school provides real-life entry into the venture capital world. We found out just how much hard work goes into creating an angel fund, and even though we didn’t succeed, I believe we laid a foundation that can be built on.”

The Haas Alumni Network in the Bay Area is phenomenally strong

“My classmates are an enthusiastic bunch, they ask a lot of questions and offer valuable opinions based on their own experiences. Yet, they are humble and very aware of how much we can learn from each other. That is Confidence Without Attitude.”

“The Haas Alumni Network in the Bay Area is phenomenally strong. A group of us from my class get together almost monthly for lunch, just to catch up and exchange notes on our lives and our businesses.”

“Being part of the larger UC Berkeley family is a huge benefit. The Schools of Engineering and Computer Science are great resources. We go to their job fairs all the time; and some day, we will be able to offer the right kind of salary to attract their talented grads.”

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