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Denise Lu

Denise Lu
MBA 13

Senior Marketing Manager
Adobe Systems
San Francisco, California

Previous degrees:
BS, Management Science
University of California, San Diego

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As an experienced marketing professional, Denise Lu knows how to tell stories with words and pictures. Taking classes in Accounting and Corporate Finance opened her eyes to new career opportunities.

"After a Career Services Center panel discussion for career switchers/ climbers, I approached one of the Haas alumni panelists and asked her out for coffee. She was really gracious and generous with her time and her advice. It's good to know that there is a network out there for us to tap into."

"My classes have helped me become much more cognizant when I make business decisions on the job. Each professor has a different character. In Financial Accounting, Professor Shai Levy was passionate about his students and led all of his own review sessions. Operations Professor Andy Shogan was super-responsive any time, all the time. And in Ethics, Professor Vogel made everything really relevant and current, using examples from the headlines, like Google pulling out of China and Wal-Mart's sustainability campaign."

"The members of my cohort are incredibly bright and humble. Having a support group of classmates is vital to surviving the first year. I'm in a carpool of students who drive up from the South Bay to classes. We spend the drive talking over what we're doing in class, on the job and in our lives. It is a great bonding experience."

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