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Sonny Chinthamani

Sonny Chinthamani
MBA 12

Senior Program Manager, Bing Mobile
Microsoft Corp.
Redmond, Washington

Previous Degrees:
BTech, Computer Science & Information Technology
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University
Hyderabad, India

MS, Computer Science
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas

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Sonny Chinthamani is one of six Evening & Weekend bloggers who share their stories with prospective students at Berkeley EWMBA students blog. She says the blog is a great way to realistically convey what future students can expect from a variety of perspectives. "We are all in the same program, but our stories and experiences are all so different," she says. "Everyone focuses on what is most on their minds on a given day: schoolwork, commutes, Haas@Work, family."

"More than half of what I've learned in my MBA studies are things that I could never have learned on the job. And what I'm learning are the things that will help me scale the corporate ladder: how to run a business and how to make business decisions. At work, we approach most problems from a technical mindset. Here at Haas, I am learning new perspectives. I can see my thinking evolve."

"I've been struck by the high caliber of the Haas professors. For example, Professor Gregory LaBlanc has a real knack for teaching analogies that really drill down into the heart of Finance."

"Organizational Behavior is the most useful class I've taken so far. I was moving into a new role at Microsoft at the time, and I was immediately able to apply what I had learned about building a team culture and motivating people. This not only reinforced the learning, it improved my effectiveness on the job."

"We have a number of Berkeley Haas MBA students at Microsoft. We commute together and have formed study groups for Accounting and Finance. It was nice to be able to study together in person."

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