Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program


Rankings of academic reputation consistently place Berkeley Haas faculty solidly in the top ten of business schools worldwide.

Our faculty members are internationally-recognized leaders in the study of the economic, social, political, and technological forces shaping global markets today.

Faculty Research & Thought Leadership

As members of a premier research university, Berkeley scholars seek the deeper answers to why things happen the way they do. They develop theoretical explanations in order to understand and predict future occurrences. These are among the tools that eventually help executives navigate confidently through even the most turbulent, changing times.

Intellectual Leaders in Business

  • Severin Borenstein is a nearly constant presence in the national media explaining the ups and downs of the nation's energy markets.
  • Michael Katz is a leading thinker and strategist in telecommunications policy.
  • John Morgan is actively utilizing behavioral and experimental economics to make advances in understanding strategic decision-making.
  • Jennifer Chatman is a top authority on organizational culture and postmerger integration.
  • David Teece is a widely-sought expert in the field of innovation and knowledge management.

Passion for Teaching and High-Quality Course Offerings

At Berkeley Haas, good teaching and high-quality course offerings are high priorities.

Diverse Teaching Methods Enhance Learning Experience

In the Berkeley MBA classroom, faculty members emphasize both theory and practice through a variety of teaching methods. Case studies, seminars, simulations, guest speakers, and group projects all facilitate the learning process.

Classroom learning is further enhanced by numerous opportunities to apply the lessons to real-world situations.

Research Discoveries Keep Curriculum Current

Berkeley Haas professors regularly integrate their research findings into new course offerings and reassess the MBA curriculum to ensure its relevance in presenting current management issues.

In their courses, Berkeley MBA students benefit by being among the first to learn of faculty discoveries and by studying firsthand with the inventors of new theories and principles for management practice.

Promoting Teaching Excellence at Berkeley Haas

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) at the Haas School of Business was established to promote teaching excellence and enhance student learning inside and outside the classroom.

Leveraging the wisdom and insights of veteran instructors, the CTE reinforces good teaching values and behaviors. CTE resources cover a full spectrum of activities and services, from new-faculty orientation practices to individual coaching sessions.

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