Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program

Sustainable Enterprise

The Haas School’s long tradition of exploring and teaching the ethical and social responsibilities of business is headquartered in the Center for Responsible Business. Through research, teaching, and experiential learning projects, the center explores topics such as:

  • Strategic Corporate Sustainability
  • Social Enterprise
  • Social Investing
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Business Ethics
  • Metrics of Sustainability

The Center for Responsible Business also hosts the thought-provoking Peterson Lecture Series, which brings top industry speakers, such as Patagonia's Director of Philosophy, Altria’s Chief Compliance Officer, and the CEO of Clif Bar, to address corporate sustainability topics.

Cutting-edge elective courses expose Berkeley MBAs to the complex issues of a corporation’s role and responsibility to society beyond simply maximizing shareholder value.

Berkeley MBA students also field one of the nation’s largest Net Impact clubs, which aims to develop and inspire a network of leaders who promote innovative and socially responsible practices that succeed in the global marketplace.

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