Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program

Program Overview

Business school is about developing you as a leader and teaching you fundamental business concepts. But the Berkeley MBA Program goes beyond that to offer you a distinctive set of leadership skills that are extremely valuable in the global marketplace. Our goal is to develop you as an innovative leader.

Master the Fundamentals

Your MBA education at Berkeley-Haas is anchored in the fundamentals of general management, including the latest theories of and best practices in business. From accounting and finance to marketing and strategy, you learn to lead and manage an enterprise as a whole.

The Berkeley MBA curriculum provides you with qualitative, quantitative, analytical, strategic, and problem solving skills rooted in scientific disciplines such as economics, mathematics, and the social sciences. You not only gain knowledge about best business practices, you learn about the fundamental principles behind them – the "how" and the "why." As you study with leading researchers across business disciplines, you will think deeply and expand your understanding of the world.

Become an Innovative Leader

Whether it is producing more fuel-efficient autos or creating new business processes, innovative leaders are the ones who will create opportunity from the major challenges facing the world.

We believe that fundamental to redefining what it means to be a business leader is conscious use of Haas School culture. Our four Defining Principles play a role in admissions decisions, in shaping the curriculum, and in developing the attitudes and behaviors of innovative leadership.

Innovative leaders drive growth by putting new ideas into action in every corner and every function of his or her organization, and they do so responsibly. These leaders define what's next, for our markets and for our societies.